So after to huge success of our first Ice Cream Festival, our small (but awesome!) team have been working really hard on the 2019 Festival.

We’ve addressed the biggest issues from the 2018 Festival. Due to the huge numbers that attended (which was both amazing and a real worry in equal parts!) we’ve had to re-think some of the elements of the Festival to imrpove the overall experience for our guests.


We’ve more. Lots more! We have two parking locations at either end of the Festival this year. The landowner for the Castle Lane field has made improvements to the access to the field too which should improve the flow of traffic a lot.

Ice Cream

With our first Festival, we thought we had plenty of different vendors. Oh how wrong were we! Not helped in part by some visitors having 7 ice creams(!) and having to see our medical stafff, but we now have more than doubled our ice cream vendors. More choice. More ice cream!

Bigger Festival

We’ve introduced a brand new area to the Festival this year, spreading the festival right across Gartang all the way up to the Millennium Green.

Thank you!

With the event being our first Festival of that kind, we had no idea what to expect. We really appreciate everyone that came along and support the event last year and we do hope to see you again this year.

More details on parking and getting the Festival will be available very soon! 🙂


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